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Product Overview:

Item # 32002
Create a unique piece of functional kitchen décor from a favorite recipe with the Favorite Family Recipe Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board.

Professional-quality board is handcrafted of pressed bamboo in beautiful, natural tones unique to each piece, with a natural hand rubbed olive oil finish making each personalization vary in color. Bamboo absorbs very little moisture, does not shrink or swell and is actually harder than most hard woods, making it a superior material for cutting boards.

• Personalize with a name, recipe name, ingredients and directions for your favorite recipe
• Board measures 14″L x 10″W x 1″D
• Features cut-outs on the bottom sides for easy carrying
• Hand wash to prevent warping. Periodically treat with mineral oil to avoid drying out
• Note: Variations in tone and color are natural to these cutting boards. Some boards may be darker or lighter due to grain variations
• Props and stand are not included


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Why Wooden Cutting Boards

Wooden cutting boards especially bamboo are attractive and sanitary. Choosing eco-sensitive bamboo is now considered as the best ecological option for wooden boards.

Wooden boards are more hygienic than other materials such as plastic or glass, because they are extremely tightly grained. Since the grain is so tight it results in smaller pores.

The surface of the wood absorbs the bacteria, then allows it to sink down to the lower layers of the wood and then eliminated, instead of staying on the surface and multiplying.

Maple is a popular traditional hardwood preferred for wooden cutting boards, but this tree can take decades to grow.

This is why many prefer the eco-sensitive bamboo boards. Bamboo is actually classified as a “grass,” because of it’s ability to grow.

It’s possible for bamboo it grow and be fully mature for harvest within 3 to 6 years. It can grow up to 24 inches in a single day.

Bamboo Is Perfect For Cutting Boards

As a cutting board surface, bamboo is an extremely durable product. It weighs less than other wooden boards, and is actually harder than most of the hardwoods available.

Bamboo is nonporous, making it highly resistant to the absorption of moisture. Unlike wood, bamboo will not shrink, swell, or warp in any way.

Bamboo cutting boards are similarly priced to other wooden cutting boards, and look just as beautiful. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can come in dual tone or single tone colors.

They are superior to plastic, rubber, or other wooden chopping boards, making them the ideal ecological personalized gift for your loved ones, for an Anniversary, Mothers Day or any special occasion.

Bamboo boards are also extremely easy to maintain and clean. Perhaps the best feature is it “self-heals” for any shallow cuts sustained on the board.

Other boards can become easily and permanently marred with a knife blade.

To clean simply use mild soap and wash the board right after use.


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